#67 Remembering Karl

Anil Mistry joins us this week to help say goodbye to our friend, Dr Karl Havens.

To honor Karl's memory, his family requests donations be made to the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida (DSACF)

Ko-fi donations made to the Classic Lenses Podcast during the month of May will also go directly to DSACF



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Special thank you to Karl's family:

Claudia (Havens) Wade, John Havens, Todd Havens


Thanks you to our friends for participating in this remembrance of Karl:

Graeme Jago and the Sunny 16 Podcast team

Neil Piper

Mike Gutterman

Nigel Cliff

Em of Emulsive

Mike Novak

Rakesh Nar

Ray Rico

Anthony Rue

Cheyenne Morrison

Ήμων Παπαδανιήλ (Imon)

Lawrence Dunn

Roger Lund

Ricardo Bayon

Perry Ge

Eric Sluis

Phil Imagesbyphil

Devlin Cook

Rob Jamieson

Bob Matter

Jared Tremper

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