We're back and winter lockdown boredom is playing havoc with our minds. What else could explain our desire to talk about early digital point and shoot...View Details

Vlad Kern returns this week for another deep dive into the photographic world of the Former Soviet Union. We cover an extensive list of topics, includ...View Details

#137 Super-tele Wallaroo

Following a lengthy discussion on stray Australian marsupials, we dive into a host of more pressing questions this week. Will Perry succumb to Rodenst...View Details

#136 Emails, Part Trois

Just when you thought that we could not keep it up for two weeks on the trot, another show turns up like a bad penny. The week sees us reach the final...View Details

A short catch up this week along with a superficial comparison between the Pentax 50mm f/1.2 and the Konica 57mm f/1.2. The main event being part two ...View Details

Well we’ve had a three week break and it’s done us the world of good. We’re more relaxed and less opinionated than ever. A mountain of quality emails ...View Details

The much anticipated Frozen Pizza Episode is now here. SPOILER ALERT! Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is garbage (according to Simon). Trans Am Mullet Man Sex...View Details

Simon strikes gold with a great haul of interesting lenses, Perry gives up buying cameras and lenses for the rest of 2020, (there are caveats…) and Jo...View Details


Just when Simon thought that Johnny and Perry would be done talking about rangefinders after last week’s great show with Dan Tamarkin, he was proven t...View Details

Johnny and Perry's wildest dreams comes true! We are joined by none other than Dan Tamarkin of Tamarkin Camera in Chicago, America's Premiere Leica Sp...View Details

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