#122 Subjective Facts

We’ve been doing it wrong all the time: Perry explains why we should be relying on math(s) to help use choose which lenses to take with us on a photog...View Details

#121 Blooming Nick Lyle

Nick Lyle, our guest from Show #61 (and the Homemade Camera Podcast), makes a triumphant return this week. Nick helps us out with a range of topics in...View Details

Simon's newly acquired Minolta X-500 appears to melting his stone cold heart when it comes to all things Rokkor, but don't get too excited, it's more ...View Details

#119 Perry’s Knob

After throwing knobs in #89, Perry returns to the subject this week with an in depth discussion of his favorite appendage as well as his lockdown GAS ...View Details

A short episode about current events that strike close to home. Johnny provides local insights the destruction of Central Camera Company in Chicago as...View Details

Back from the defeat by Mike Novak on last week’s Pub Quiz show, we’re handling it well, or at least two of us are. This week Simon opens his lens cup...View Details

So you think you know about lenses? Come and have a go at the Classic Lenses Podcast Pub Quiz! Quizmaster Perry Ge puts hosts Johnny & Simon again...View Details

Johnny has been allowed back into our own Facebook group and his ban seems to have done him and everybody else a world of good. The sun has been shini...View Details

#114 Bokakkeh

Something of a quickie this week, but we managed to unload plenty of lens talk as well as discuss Chris Holland’s lens buying guide and introduce a lu...View Details

Dr Karl Havens left us a year ago this week and we still miss him dearly. To mark his passing, we take Karl’s memory to our desert island and do our b...View Details

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