#65 Classic Karl

Host of the Classic Lenses Podcast, Creator of the Photography With Classic Lenses Facebook group, Professor and Program Director at the University of Florida, husband to Pam and father to Andy, has died.

Karl had suffered from a heart condition for which he took medication and unfortunately for us all, his heart gave up suddenly on Friday. It saddens us greatly to share this news here.

Karl was a guest recently on the Sunny 16 Podcast, and our friends Ade, Rachel, and Graeme have graciously allowed us to share that episode here with you in tribute to our friend Karl.

Beneath Karl's relaxed manner was a man of passion; a passion for his abstract art, a passion for ecology a passion for photography, a passion for his friends and a passion for his family.

To honor Karl's memory, the Havens family would be very grateful if people would support the Down Syndrome Association of Central Florida (DSACF).

Thank you for keeping Karl and his family in your thoughts.


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