The dust has only just settled from the fallout from last week’s show, as we had a record number of comments made about it in our small but perfectly ...View Details

#106 Ride wit Mistry

Anil Mistry makes a very welcome return to CLP Towers this week and there’s not a Leica or RF lens in sight, much to the relief to those aspiring stre...View Details

This week, Perry discusses life and photography in Hong Kong on Coronavirus lockdown, Simon attempts to survive the Great Stone-on-Trent Snowpocalypse...View Details

Johnny’s back and he’s got a new toy, Perry has moved on from shooting riots to shooting the Zombie Apocalypse that is Coronavirus Hong Kong, and Simo...View Details

Ethan Moses, esteemed podcast tart of Cameradactyl, Homemade Camera Podcast, and guest on every other podcast ever fame, joins us to talk about lenses...View Details

Not content to bring one special lens to the party, Perry brings three absolute stunners with him, while Simon’s back shooting his Sony. We also catch...View Details

So, after our almost universally acclaimed and made for YouTube extravaganza better known as #100, we’re back on the radio/podcast. Normal service is ...View Details

Our second anniversary and our 100th show. To mark the occasion professional lens designer, Jason Lane has returned and this time you get to see the s...View Details

#99 Lenses of the Year

So having done a Christmas show, the CLP has now completely sold out and done an awards show. So sit back and listen to a list of the usual winning na...View Details

The CLP breaks with tradition and actually does a Christmas show this year! So what lenses and cameras do Perry, Johnny and Simon want for Christmas? ...View Details

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