Archive for July 2020

On last week’s show, Perry got big Rolleiflex GAS, so big that he was forced to buy one. SPOILER ALERT! However, Perry’s path to Xenotar enlightenment...View Details

Having tried and failed at math(s) last week, this week you can listen us decipher cryptic numbers and pictograms from the mid-20th Century. If that s...View Details

#122 Subjective Facts

We’ve been doing it wrong all the time: Perry explains why we should be relying on math(s) to help use choose which lenses to take with us on a photog...View Details

#121 Blooming Nick Lyle

Nick Lyle, our guest from Show #61 (and the Homemade Camera Podcast), makes a triumphant return this week. Nick helps us out with a range of topics in...View Details

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