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#99 Lenses of the Year

So having done a Christmas show, the CLP has now completely sold out and done an awards show. So sit back and listen to a list of the usual winning na...View Details

The CLP breaks with tradition and actually does a Christmas show this year! So what lenses and cameras do Perry, Johnny and Simon want for Christmas? ...View Details

Perry is taking a tough break in Bali, so this week we go back to Karl Haven's favourite coffee, tea & chocolate shop: Volta Coffee, Tea & Cho...View Details

All is well again at The Gilded CLP Tower as Johnny's connection problems are resolved and Perry has not been gassed (recently). Simon hands back Jere...View Details

#95 Desert Island Lenses with Cheyenne Morrison This week Cheyenne Morrison joins us as a returning guest from Down Under. We send him from the lovely...View Details

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