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#91 Simon Outlenses Perry

We have new acquisitions, and for once, it’s not Perry bringing all the gems to the party… So we have 75mm f/1.5 Biotar talk, an almost complete Conta...View Details

This week we make a departure into the world of classic lenses for cinema. We are joined by W.S (Bill) Pivetta a cinematographer and sound engineer wi...View Details

Perry's back from his punishment break to Okinawa with the biggest international news story from Hong Kong. If that's not enough, he's got GAS real ba...View Details

Banished to Okinawa for treating Graeme Jago badly last week, Perry retaliates with a list of demands about how this week’s show is conducted. The tig...View Details

#87 Jago’s Bago Lenses

Graeme Jago of the Sunny16 Podcast joins the guys to read some Haiku and pick a winner for the Konica lens giveaway. True to form, Mr. Jago can’t resi...View Details

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