Archive for July 2019

#78 Best Frenemies

We finally get around to answering your emails this week! Seeing that Perry is gallivanting around North America, we asked frenemy of the show and the...View Details

Don’t let anyone tell you that gear does not matter! Also, don’t start thinking that if you have the same gear, you can replicate the work of Isabel C...View Details

We went on a bit this week, or rather Simon and Perry did. Johnny went a way for a while to do some household chores, but sneaked back later hoping he...View Details

#75 Aspherical Ooftah!

Do aspherical elements improve or detract from ooftah (bokeh)? Has Johnny shot flowers with his Primoplan? Has Simon been comotosed by Tessars? These ...View Details

#74 Simon Loves Tessars

Perry loves cheap lenses, Simon digs Tessars (instead of burying or sinking them) and Johnny says nice things about bokeh with a Primoplan. An alterna...View Details

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