Archive for January 2019

#53 Wet on Wet Bokeh!

Celebrating the awesomeness of the Raynox 135mm f/2.8! New acquisitions, how to price up rare lenses for eBay, Johnny's bubble problem, Vivitar buying...View Details

Think that using flawed lenses to make interesting imaging is just a still photography thing? Think again! Matthew Duclos of Duclos Lenses explains ho...View Details

#51 The Mike & Bob Show!

Two for the price of one this week and Karl, Johnny and Simon almost get a week off as Mike Eckman and Bob Rotoloni chat Nikon history amongst themsel...View Details

#50 We Are One

In a change to our scheduled podcast with Matthew Duclos who could not join us due to a last minute problem. So instead we used the opportunity to go ...View Details

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