Archive for December 2018

This week we talk about 100/105mm (non macro) lenses with our guest, classic lens photographer, Bryan Nagar. The various Nikon 105/2.5 lenses get a go...View Details

Karl manfully deals with Laryngitis and brings with him a modicum of Christmas cheer. Too many subjects to list covered this week, but they include be...View Details

#47 FD+EOS DSLR=Win!

This week we are joined by Ivo Michielsen, EdMika's man in Europe. We talk about the EDMIKA mount replacement system that allows for Canon FD lenses t...View Details

A bit of a "magazine show" this week, which is code for we thought we knew what we were going to talk about, then things changed and changed again, so...View Details

Just what is a preset and aperture ring on a preset lens? Prepare to be confused. In this week's episode we catch up on listener emails covering what ...View Details

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