A round-up on some the things that we've been up to lately. Simon had a table at the UK's largest camera fair, Photographica 2019 in London, and went ...View Details

#67 Remembering Karl

Anil Mistry joins us this week to help say goodbye to our friend, Dr Karl Havens. To honor Karl's memory, his family requests donations be made to the...View Details

#66 Karl Havens Update

We don't have a podcast this week, but we've recorded a short update. A Classic Lenses Podcast dedicated to Karl will be out next week with Anil Mistr...View Details

#65 Classic Karl

Host of the Classic Lenses Podcast, Creator of the Photography With Classic Lenses Facebook group, Professor and Program Director at the University of...View Details

Just when Karl, Johnny, and Simon started to think they knew about lenses, Jason Lane comes along and makes them realize how little they actually know...View Details

This week on The Real CFNSLSP: the first confirmed kill in the War to Destroy All Podcasts. Simon's PC dies, Karl's router dies, Johnny goes full idio...View Details

This week, we present the final episode of the Classic Lenses Podcast. Our guest is The Man, The Myth, The Legend, from Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA: Mike No...View Details

This week, Johnny and Simon are joined by Nick Lyle, one half of the Homemade Camera Podcast. Nick, when he's not being a blacksmith and an artist, li...View Details

#60 Catching Up

After last week's disaster, we take some time out to catch up with the classic lens related things we've been getting up to recently, so as usual, man...View Details

Just like the song Tribute by Tenacious D, what you are about to hear is the greatest podcast ever. Tribute. Despite trying to blame Ethan Moses, Simo...View Details

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